Steve Parmelee
Business expertise in R&D, process development, manufacturing, metrology and quality.

Parmelee has worked in high-tech manufacturing companies for nearly two decades, and has held central engineering positions in companies such as Komag Material Technologies (Santa Rosa, CA); TriVascular (Santa Rosa, CA), that was acquired by Boston Scientific; and Memry Corporation (Menlo Park, CA). His career has focused on taking prototype concepts to successful high-volume manufacturing (Komag Material Technologies produced 120,000 hard disk drive substrates per day), while developing business expertise in departments such as R&D, process development, manufacturing, metrology and quality. Parmelee’s hands-on development and manufacturing experience enables him to work with customers in a highly collaborative manner, understanding the need for responsiveness, creativity and flexibility. Parmelee holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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Steve Parmelee

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